How to avoid pixelated screenshots in Figma

Screenshot of a long (1903 × 12842) image after being placed into a Figma project

The problem

There are times when you need to show a full-page screenshot of a website in Figma. For example, when you need to provide references alongside your class project — or for any other reason.

It has been noticed that some screenshots become crappy — as if they have been resized prior to display.

Well, this is indeed what happens. They do get resized under some circumstances. A quick googling brought up the official Figma webpage — Add images to your design — where it is said that an image in Figma is proportionally resized if any of its sides is longer than 4096 pixels.

Desktop version of Figma actually shows a tiny notification about the resizing of an image. The in-browser version, however, seemed not to show it at the time of this writing.

The obvious workaround

After making your long screenshot,

Hope this helps someone.